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Hello and welcome! My name is Joel Hineman - Android app developer, amateur web designer, and all-around digital artist. This is my online portfolio, where you can check out just some of the work I do. Take a look through the navigation bar at the top.

Don't have time to look through? Download a PDF of my Portfolio instead.

About Myself

I started drawing cartoons and monsters at a young age and became infamous for my passion for art, being labelled as the "kid who can draw." I took pride in the title, and continued to improve upon my skills. When I reached highschool, I took a Digital Communications class for three years, where I discovered the wonders of Adobe and their software. It was then that I experimented with animation, photography, and videography.

A small collection of drawings from the past. A small collection of drawings from the past.

In 2010, before I graduated from highschool, I entered the Alberta Skills Competition for 2D Character Animation. My partner and I had to make an animation in 48 hours based on provided criteria. We won gold, which lead us on to compete in Nationals for the same category in Waterloo, ON. Again, we won with a gold medal.

In the four years following, I spent most of my life working full time, not pursuing my talents. It took a lot of coaxing from family members and some self-motivation, but I made the decision to go back to school. I began my first semester of New Media Production & Design at SAIT Polytechnic in September 2014. And here I am now, embracing the digital art format and fine tuning my style.

I'm currently certified in the following Adobe Creative Cloud software: